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Would you like to sell your organic clothes online in Sweden?

We run an organic clothing store in Sweden since 2009. We are located in Karlskrona, on the south east coast of Sweden. Our webshop is one of the largest and most well known in Sweden selling exclusively organic clothes.

We’re always looking for new brands which align with our values. Our criteria’s for new brands are simple:

  1. Your clothes need to be GOTS certified all the way. When searching the GOTS public database we should find your brand name registered with GOTS. That is the only way we can be certain that your products are really GOTS certified and that they are independently controlled. The GOTS certification covers our criteria’s for certified organic materials, natural fibers and fair working conditions. The materials need to be 100%, 95% or 70% (for some underwear which has the functional requirement of stretch) and they can be cotton, hemp, linen, sheep’s woll or mechanically processed bambu (not rayon out of bambu). We prefer a fabric GOTS label in the clothes.
  2. Your clothes need to appeal to our main markets which are the Scandinavian countries and northern Europe when it comes to sizes and styles.
  3. If you have product and model images for all your clothes it’s a big plus as we need images to sell them in our webshop.

We are registered for VAT in Sweden.

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