Byxor baby glada ränder

Byxor baby & barn glada ränder stl 50-104

215 kr

Material: trikå i 100% ekologisk bomull
Detaljer: hög vikbar midjemudd, långa vikbara fotmuddar
Märkningar: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Tillverkarens beskrivning: Super comfortable: Trousers for babies made of pure organic cotton with coloured stripes (printed on water-soluble basis). The cuffs at the belly and the legs, that can either be turned up or down, ensure that nothing pinches and the trousers can even grow along somewhat with your baby. Hint: Buy them a little bit bigger and turn the cuffs up at first, that way it takes longer to outgrow them.
Färg/mönster: naturvit med ränder i regnbågens färger

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